More Solutions using C2 Mini GPS Tracker


  PET Link: Designed for Pet Industry for Pet Locaiton track. Remember our slogon -- "Pets Never Get Lost"

  Family Link: Designed for Family Use. C2 Mini Tracker helps you to track, monitor the Locations and behavior wherever you are.

  Hiker Link: Designed for Hikers. C2 Mini Tracker is really a great helper when you go Hiking for tracking your locations, avoid danger and SOS.

  Ski Link: Designed for Skiers. C2 Mini Tracker is equipped for skiers to track their location and secure their life by SOS function.

  Travel Link (旅行宝):C2 Mini Tracker tracks locations for travelers to make sure you all know their position, whether in dangure zone. Of course, the SOS function help travelers NEVER worry about danger.

  Farm Link: Designed for Smart Farm. C2 Mini Tracker is for tracking livestocks, personnel, machines; monitoring the crops, soil and etc.