Amazing Features Of C2 Mini GPS Tracker


 TRACKING LOCATION: Ladies and Gentlemen, we have to say C2 Mini GPS Tracker is the BEST TRACKER IN THE WORLD. It has more like a COMBO of trackers in the market. It has the multiple tracking configuraitons (Live Tracking, T, Location On Demand, Beacon) that fulfill all your needs. Whatever you expect to realize for Tracking, C2 Mini can make it.

 OFF-GRID & FREE: Radacat applies the most advanced Radio communication technology to C2 Mini and work at FREE frequency. C2 Mini is now the Best OFF-GRID tracking device with longest transmission distance. Oh, by the way, it is fully FREE because it is OFF-GRID.

 SOS: C2 Mini can send "SOS" message over 50 kilometers away until the power runs out. All other C2 Mini Tracker devices can recieve the SOS message with detail Location information. That increases the Rescue success rate a lot. When you are in Outdoor activities, hiking, Skiing, Travalling, this feature keeps you safe.

 COMMUNICATION: C2 Mini is also designed for Off-grid communication with "Point to Point" and Group chat modes via texting. The self-generated network can keep the converstation private  and free.

 GEO-FENCE: C2 Mini Tracker supports 3 types of Geo-Fences to make you alert in different scenarios and situations. This feature is widely used for Pet, Outdoor and Monitoring scenarios.

   Motion MONITOR: C2 Mini Tracker installs 6-axis accelerator sensor to make it monitor the movement of the device. The data gathered from sensor is important for C2 Mini to realize certain functions like Anti-Theft, Fall-down Alert and etc. We call it "6-level alarm" in the system.

 MESH NETWORK: C2 Mini Trackers can setup Mesh Network themselves because Radacat develops Relay feature in. It is unbelievable to make the transmission go to extremely far that feels you are in cellular network.

 POWER-SAVING: Power-saving even with those fancy features, WHY? Radacat is STRONG on Radio communication technology, Software development and solution design. We consider all the possible power-saving method, our solution, agrithium, transmission determines C2 Mini Tracker is very Power-saving.