RADACAT C2 MINI GPS TRACK is also designed for OUTDOOR & Family scenarios


  Track your location real-time from your mobile phone. 

  Use Geo-Fence function to safeguard you in the controlled areas. C2 Mini supports 3 types of Geo-Fence for different purposes (Safe Zone, Danger Zone and Virtual Zone)

  Share your location to anyone who is caring anywhere in the world

  The device can work Off-grid which means even there is no cellular network, C2 Mini Tracker can location you within 6 miles (9.6 kilometers) distance.

 C2 Mini Tracker supports multiple tracking methods in terms of your needs to save power.

When outdoor, you can set up GROUP for communication. The chat is in private and safe.


When emergency, use SOS function of C2 Mini GPS Tracker.

The SOS message will be sending continuously until the battery runs out.

All C2 mini GPS Tracker can receive SOS message within almost 50 kilometers.

There is no need for special SOS equipment.