6 Work Modes Designed for C2 Mini GPS Tracker to Make It Widely Used


   Message: C2 Mini can be a Messenger device that supports "point to point" and "group chat" using texting. As long as the devices are well-paired, the communication become easy even OFF-GRID.

  Live Tracking: EXTREMELY popular function of C2 Mini. When your mobile phone is connected to C2 Mini Master via Bluetooth, you can lively track the paired Tracker within transimission distance. Also, C2 Mini can have the Biggest Coverage for the tracking area in Off-Grid World. Keep in mind, this mode is REAL-TIME location.

 Beacon: It is also a tracking function. The paired Tracker can send Location information to Master Device at configured interval, for example, every 1 min.  Whether or not Master needs Tracker location, the location information is in there.

 Location On Demand: Anytime when you expect to check Tracker location, you can use Mobile phone to find out. It is how this mode is designed. The Tracker is not sending Location to Master all the time unless Master asks for Location information. Why we design this mode? Yeap, it is most power-saving mode.

 Relay: It is the base of Mesh Network. C2 Mini can play the Relay function that help transfer the signal to further distance. When C2 Mini is in Relay mode, the Off-Grid signal transmission can be multiple times of committed distance.

 6-Level Alarm: There is 6-axis accelerator sensor embeded to make the C2 Mini is sensitive to the motion, therefore can use C2 Mini for monitoring behavior and motion, Anti-Theft and etc.